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Learn The Easy “Talking Pictures” Way to Communicate

book coverTerri has been listening to animals all of her life. What she’s heard from them is that humans do a poor job of communicating.

In Secrets of a Pet Whisperer: Stop Telling Your Animals to Misbehave, Terri shares the simple communication technique she developed for her clients around the world and has taught to owners of dogs, cats, horses, birds, hamsters, snakes, pigs and other animals.

You will learn how to use Terri’s “Talking Pictures” so you can start sending clear messages that your pets will understand. She shares the basics of human-animal communication and the over-used phrases and commands you should always avoid. She describes the exact combination of words and thoughts that will enable you to correct bad behaviors like barking, jumping, chewing, kicking and scratching.

In addition, Terri gives advice on what to say in both everyday situations, such as leaving for work or going for a walk, and in special circumstances, like moving or taking your pets on vacation. She provides specific instructions on how to prepare for an emergency and help your pets survive a disaster. She also describes communication concerns at the various stages of an animal’s life.

Terri’s insight and advice will give you an appreciation of how animals think and react to what you say…and to what you don’t say. You will discover how effective the right words and thoughts can be. Put Terri’s powerful communication approach to the test. You will see their behavior in a new light, help them be good instead of bad, and deepen the bonds you have with your pets.

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Terri’s book is also available through Barnes & Noble online and at selected retailers throughout Southern California, including Apostrophe Books (Long Beach), Cold Nose Warm Heart (Carlsbad, Palm Springs and Palm Desert), Crystal Cave (Costa Mesa), Pussy & Pooch (Beverly Hills, Long Beach and Los Angeles), South Bark Dog Wash (San Diego) and Unicorn Books (Ramona).

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